Why not get a Download Manager Program?

Download Manager software CComputer software and games, TV Shows and movies are distributed online. Movies and TV Shows can be watched online but sometimes we have to download them to our hard drives because we don't have an Internet connection at all times. Inbuilt web browser downloaders helps us download these files from the internet. The problem comes when you want to download a large file, the download speed is low and some browsers don't allow you to pause and continue the download. In case you lose an internet connection while downloading is ongoing, the download restarts from zero.

Download manager programs have been developed to solve the above mystery. They speed up the downloading speed by breaking the file to be downloaded into manageable blocks, allowing you to pause the download and continue it whenever you want, in case of flaky internet connections the downloading picks from the point it was left before the breaks. Some downloaders will speed up the download speed by downloading from multiple sites. Others will convert the file format as they download your file saving you from the need to encode the file after downloading. Some will allow you to watch TV Shows and Movies even before they have been completely downloaded. Stop watching Netflix and other pay-per-view online sites, with a decent Download Manager (that is free- you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies for free as well!

There are many download manager programs already developed. Some are free while others require you to contribute a few dollars to the developing team, they do have to earn something but otherwise you’ll have no problem finding a free version. And just like every other product out there, they do differ in terms of abilities, what a given downloader is capable of may be different from what another downloader can achieve. It all comes down to preferences of function. Here is a list of the best download managers that will help you mine files from the internet faster and conveniently.

1. Free Download Manager (FDM)

This is a free-to-use open-source download manager software for Windows. It is the most favorite download manager in the market. It has faster download speeds as it splits the downloading files into different blocks and then downloads them simultaneously. It has a bandwidth management feature that allows you to set the download speed to allow you to surf the web smoothly while still downloading files. It also supports torrent downloads.

2. Internet Download Manager (IDM)

This is the best download manager for those looking forward to downloading large files. It is a premium software with a 30 days free trial period after which you're required to pay a small amount for a lifetime license. It allows you to pause and resume the downloads as per convenience. IDM supports torrent download. Other features include fast download speeds, ability to schedule downloads and bandwidth management.

3. JDownloader

This is an open-source and completely free-to-use download manager for Windows. JDownloader allows you to start, pause and continue downloads, auto-extract archives, and manage bandwidth for smooth web surfing. It supports most popular video hosting websites such as Youtube and Vimeo, and multiple file downloads in parallel. JDownloader also has a huge library of plugins.

4. Ninja Download Manager

This is one of the fastest and best download managers in the market. It has a higher download speed as it splits the file to be downloaded into different manageable chunks and uses different server points to download the different chunks. It allows you to preview downloading videos to check their quality while downloading them. Other features include the pause and resume feature that allows you to pause the download and resume with ease, ability to schedule downloads, and multiple files download in parallel.

5. Download Accelerator Plus

It is available in two versions: freemium and premium. The free version allows you to download files faster and preview media files. The premium version has additional features such as privacy protection, file conversion, link checker, multiple connections to boost the download speed and safe downloading.