The Essential Downloads you’ll need in 2019

Adobe Photoshop Express HHave you wondered how boring it is to survive with a game that you installed two years ago but have not updated to-date? The Internet currently is fraught with numerous pieces of software programs, some of which are genuine while others are just malware ready to chew off your precious data on your Personal Computer or Laptop. Moreover, the challenge comes in identifying the trusted websites where you will download your most needed software. Some of the websites are free to download programs while others require some kind of subscription.

Therefore, whether you are looking for a 2019 best game or antivirus to help clean your machine, you must always ensure you are getting it from a trusted website. In order to identify a trusted website from bugs, the most common way will be to determine the website has a direct link to the download or some many other links leading to so many unnecessary pop-ups. While that is not what we intend to show you today, it is always important to stay safe while on the internet.

Anyway, did you know that 2019 has come with very great software applications that you must be missing in your Computer? We'll show you what these software programs are and their trusted websites for download so that next time you don't bump into malware or spyware when trying to download your most desired stuff. Therefore, next time you log in a public WiFi or your home WiFi, ensure you download these apps,

Google Chrome

So far, the fastest web browser for both Mac and Windows users in the market. Chrome has the ability to automatically synchronize all your data across several machines and mobile devices. That notwithstanding, Chrome is probably one of world's best-known browsers with instant search capabilities and easy customization. Chrome is available in both Google Play store for Android users and Appstore for iPhone and iOS users.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This is a perfect ideal photo optimizer for touchscreens operating on Windows. For instance, the ‘Looks' feature in it allows you to filter your photos according to your needs. With it, you can change or improve the skin texture, crop and clip your images. Find it on the Adobe website.


This App lets you view multiple windows, side-by-side. If you are a multi-tasker, and of course most of us are, then you seriously need this App. This App can let you do magic like dragging and snapping multiple windows to the corner of your screen. It is available for Mac users on the Mac App Store.


If you are the kind who loves taking notes then you must not miss Evernote form your Computer. It is a simple App that syncs with a huge number of web-based services and add-ons. Get it on the Mac App store

Tropico 6

This is for game lovers and enthusiasts. It is an Action game. It is about an El Presidents who returns in the long-running island government. With this game, you can do a lot of stuff like stealing monuments from other countries. Can be played on PS4, Xbox One, Ms Windows, etc. Be sure you will love it

Things 3

This is a wonderful Mac-OS app featuring task organization and management in the form of to-do-list. With it, you can seamlessly connect to Calendar alongside other necessary features you may need in your list. Find it on Culturecode Above, are some of the software applications you must have in 2019. Do not be left behind.